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EXPERTS IN POLISHING, brighten and satin finishing


Manufacturer of polishing buffs and components for surface finishing

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Innovación and quality, our main goals

Polidisc is a leading company in the polishing sector. The quality of

our products, a large experience in the field of grinding and polishing

and our daily innovation finding out solutions to our clients’ processes

are our greatest virtues.






















































































Personalized service

  • Manufacture of standard discs and custom discs for special processes.
  • Assessment both manual and automatic processes.
  • Experience in surface finishing of any materials as metals, plastics, wood, etc.
  • Improving processes for optimizing the quality and cycle times.
  • New and used machinery for grinding and polishing as well as robotic cells.


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Our products

  • Polishing and polishing mops
  • Abrasive buffs and brushes for satin finishing
  • Complements and accessories
  • Manual and automatic machines for sanding and polishing


Metal parts

  • Faucets and bath accessories
  • Aluminum, titanium and cobalt implants
  • Door handles, plates, tubes and bars
  • Cutlery, pots and pans
  • Buckles and accessories
  • Jewelry and perfume items
  • Automotive parts.


Non metal parts

  • Wood moldings and coffins
  • Plastics and methacrylate
  • Marbles and granites



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