Cotton Airway Buffs
Cotton Airway Buffs (Small Metallic Clamp)
Seamless Multicolor Airway Buffs
Sisal/Cotton Airway Buffs (Small Metallic Clamp)
Sisal/Cotton Pleated Buffs
Laminated Sewn Cotton Mops
Laminated Sewn Sisal/Cotton Mops
Wavy Sisal/Cotton Buffs
Bias Full Sisal Mops
Tergal Multicolor Buffs
Sisal Cord Brushes
Sisal Cord Brushes (Small metallic Clamp)
Giant Discs
Jewelry Conventional Buffs
Special Buffs and Brushes
Brushes for Satin-Finishing Machines
Nonwooven Abrasive Buffs
Abrasive Products
Grinding Belts
Bar compounds and Spray Guns for Liquid Compounds
Polishing Machinery
Safety Aprons


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